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valeria napoli
valeria napoli • 3 April 2023
Did know that last week we opened the GreenComp community: helping learners build competences for a sustainable future


Yes? Amazing! 

No? No worries, you can find below a short summary of the launch event. 


After a short presentation on the European sustainability competence framework (GreenComp), we had the opportunity to connect and share our knowledge and experiences using GreenComp as well as plans for future projects and needs.  

Several takeaways stand out, including the need to raise awareness and support across all educational sectors and among stakeholders. Participants pointed out the importance of adjusting GreenComp according to the context and target outcome, e.g. students in primary school or secondary school or in lifelong learning activities. 

Furthermore, participants underlined the importance of cooperating, sharing resources and develop toolkits and courses to develop skills, knowledge, and attitudes for a sustainable future. For this, it is key to gather information and identify best practices.  

Thirdly, we agreed that it is crucial to be up to date around the evolution of the framework and to find synergies with other European competence frameworks. 


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In case you would like to listen (re)watch the launch event, the recording is available here

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