To love nature, you need to know it.

Sabina Rahimova
Sabina Rahimova • 18 September 2022

I am Rahimova Sabina Rovshan, 48 years old. I have 22 years of work experience in preschool education. In addition, I am a trainer and mentor. I work as a methodist-teacher in a kindergarten. I like drawing, ICT.We started research to get to know nature with the representatives of the early age period. listening to its sounds, studying its colors, shades, acquaintance with living and inanimate objects of nature, etc. We conducted such studies. We realized with little friends that green is important for all beings. We started researching what needs to be done to have more plants in our world. We gladly implemented all this by adapting it to our training program. Now we take care of the plants around the kindergarten and in the yard, we have planted new ones and we continue to plant them. We also plan to multiply indoor plants. And we do it together with our other colleagues. Teachers and children from different regions of our country joined our project. 10 teachers and 220 children. Our list is expanding. We would be happy to do this at the international level.
We conduct educational work with children as well as parents and teachers. We analyze the causes and consequences of problems occurring in nature by holding equal online and face-to-face meetings. We share our ideas and make new plans. We work together when we realize our plans. This is just the beginning of our work. I believe that our achievements will be perfect. The scope of our project will be expanded by involving teachers of the country. That means the results will be wider.
We use new innovation tools during project implementation and planning. we aimed to improve in the field of training methods, ICT, new forms of work. Critical approach, analysis, analysis, research, drawing conclusions, etc. we focus on the development of skills such as
Our project is adapted to the National curriculum, integrative, child-oriented, personality-oriented, worldliness, etc. based on the principles of the curriculum. It is worked on the basis of parent-teacher-child cooperation. Our propaganda and educational events encourage teachers and kindergartens, primary education to cooperate. It inculcates many knowledge and skills in children, teachers and parents.

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Thank you Sabina for posting your contribution. I understand now better. As we explain during our Q&A sessions (please join when you can!), the Education for Climate Coalition is meant to gather the whole education community in the EU.  But not only. The Community is open to everyone and we are very happy to welcome companions from the whole world.  (see  Our Etiquette describes it (see you are welcome to participate in all the activities and with all the features we have in the platform (see Indeed the activities we support and create from the Secretariat (see are focused on the 27 EU countries.  For the DAYS 2022, our call is focused on the EU27. We want to open step by steps the 27 country groups and highlight their activities. But we will for sure keep your contribution (next to all 37 other!) and mention it! Talk soon I hope

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