Let's refine our co-designed activity guidelines for making saving water a lifelong habit

Susanne SZKOLA

This event will launch the second round of testing, implementing and playing with the chosen community activities of the How to make saving water a lifelong habit? participatory community challenge.


This time based on the four points we decided before:

  • insisting on the activity process rather than the outcome | adapting learning objectives together with a focus on students' input throughout
  • bringing the local communities in more and more (from school, over parents, to city) | building community-capacity and motivation via various forms of visibility
  • local adaptability/ trans-national implementation | translate/engage in local languages for more testing and bring together diverse feedbacks in specific activity-based working groups
  • bring in various expertise for the activities (from nutritionists to math and geography experts, for example)  


Why to join this event?

Let's start off the new school year with something playful and meaningful. 

Based on the action points listed above, we will be happy to call for community volunteers to join the split working groups per chosen community activity to refine, test, implement and play with them in their environment!

Join to get to know how you can participate in this.

time tbc

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Metin Aydemir
Metin Aydemir

In order to find clean water in the future, we can collect rainwater, exploit dew, dig water wells, extract water from cactus, extract water from plant roots, ivy, and ice and snow.

María de la Yedra Martínez Expósito
María de la Yedra Martínez Expósito

Extreme weather events all around the world and changes in water cycle patterns are making it more difficult to access safe drinking water, especially for the most vulnerable children.

María de la Yedra Martínez Expósito
María de la Yedra Martínez Expósito

Elena, thanks for sharing. The ebook is really inspiring.?
It's impressive the work you all have done. Nice project!

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