Networking Café

09.00 - 09.20

Welcome & Network

Welcome to the Education For Climate Day 2023 where we dive into informative discussions, get inspired by showcases, connect in the challenge hub and collaborate across borders.

Our community mission is to explore climate education issues, showcase green education solutions, and inspire innovative implementation actions.

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09.30 - 10.20

Green Competences

Let’s play together! In this session, we will play a conversational game around SDGs and the Green Comp Framework. You will connect with community members and learn from their opinions.

The goal? To agree on a priority and brainstorm together on few activities that will help achieving the identified priority. Do you want to play with us and discover how to play it with others? Register to this session. 

Sustainability conversations: the GreenComp game

10.30 - 11.20

COP28: Policy & Research

The Education for Climate Coalition proposes a European Commission side-event at the COP28 on green competences and education transformation with policy officers, stakeholders, and teachers from Europe and beyond.

Come to this session to engage with the participants of this official event, start the conversation with them and help shaping key messages, ideas and stories that could be shared in the occasion of the COP.

Featured initiatives

11.30 - 12.20

Community Agora

Willing to learn about EU initiatives aiming at fostering learning for the green transition and green competences?

Come to this session to engage with EU policy officers and let’s share views about concepts and ways for education to concretely contribute to the green transition.

Featured policy-practice initiatives

14.00 - 14.50

Inspiring Green Education Initiatives

Join this community showcase to get to know the most innovative green education projects in Europe on green competences and spark your inspiration. 

Learn about initiatives in lifelong learning, social economy and digital innovation & exchange with the education practitioners implementing them. 

The Awardees joining us with their projects

15.00 - 15.50

Country Groups

Who is working on what in green education across the EU? Do they face similar challenges? 

Come to this interactive mapping session to contribute to the Coalition’s challenge hub.  Identify and connect ideas and initiatives across countries to work better together.

Featuring EducationForClimate Country Groups + Coordinators & Climate Pact Ambassadors

16.00 - 16.50

Youth Climate Lab

The first Youth Climate LAB is coming to an end. In this session, the participants of this pilot LAB will present their recommendations on how to make unsustainable fashion trends more sustainable through individual and collective actions.

Following their presentation, they will engage in a discussion with policy officers, politicians, scientists, educational stakeholder and the community at large. Join this session and brainstorm on what we can organise following these recommendations! 

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