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Community Etiquette

The Education for Climate coalition is the European participatory community for students, teachers and education stakeholders to act collectively on innovative education solutions for environmental sustainability. 

As laid down in our co-designed community manifesto, we aspire to be an inclusive, diverse, curious and creative community. 

We consider it to be a strength to bring together in a balanced manner such a wealth of perspectives and to be a community of such variety in breadth and depth of experience and practice in the education and sustainability domains stemming from people from all ways of life, age, institutions, levels/ competences. 

This platform is about education and climate, so we aspire to learn together in a safe environment to steer concrete actions how to make this happen in a participatory manner by good example.  


How to interact on the platform?


To make and keep this community a safe place whilst considering that we have children and students on board, the Education for Climate Secretariat: 

  • commits to develop and sustain a community in which age, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, or any other indicator of diversity does not prevent anybody from participating; 

  • expects and encourages differences in opinions and perspectives but demands a civil discourse; 

  • fosters and encourages an open, collaborative environment where this is possible; 

  • underlines that main community and platform language is English: all general discussions, participatory challenges and main events are held in English; you can connect with your country and/or language peers in the National Coalition groups in an official EU language; 

  • stipulates that any participatory challenge outcome is managed under Creative Commons:  CC BY-NC-SA 4.0  This means that you can share and adapt material under the following terms: attribution ( appropriate credit and changes made), non-commercial (no use for monetization),  ShareAlike (distribute remixed, transformed, build upon material under same license as  original) 

  • reminds you that you are bound by any relevant legislation, such as GDPR and copyright laws - no classified information can be shared;  

  • reserves the right to remove and follow-up on any posts or content that does not follow these and the following principles.