Susanne SZKOLA
Susanne SZKOLA • 21 June 2022
This map is directly linked to climate change!


With this map, teachers could explain the difference between weather and climate and address the impacts of climate change on the water cycle and on precipitation in particular.


Precipitation measurements are easy. It can be done anywhere. It's a good opportunity to highlight the difference between weather and climate in an easy manner - and to create something that is not yet existing in the Atlas!


No related map in the Atlas yet! E.g. Make your own rain gauge (MET office)

  • Measurements could be made in the sea, in a river, in a lake or, in the case of precipitation, at school.
  • Measurements could be made at different times (time series allowing to create graphs for specific locations) and/or different locations.
  • If each school makes measurements in three locations for example, we can have more data represented in the map.

Comments? Ideas what to measure and how?
Let us now underneath!

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