Water temperature

Susanne SZKOLA
Susanne SZKOLA • 21 June 2022
This map is directly linked to climate change!


With this map, teachers could address ocean warming.


Sea surface temperature is one of the essential climate variables as defined by the Global Climate Observing System and is required for monitoring and characterizing the state of the global climate.


Related map in the Atlas, e.g. Water Temperature Protocol (The Globe Programme)

  • Measurements could be made in the sea, in a river, in a lake or, in the case of precipitation, at school.
  • Measurements could be made at different times (time series allowing to create graphs for specific locations) and/or different locations.
  • If each school makes measurements in three locations for example, we can have more data represented in the map.

Comments? Ideas what to measure and how?
Let us now underneath!

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Jose Antonio Gordillo Martorell
Jose Antonio Gordillo Martorell

Even students can do a little bit of research comparing temperature trends of specific sea areas in the long term. This topic has a lot of possibilities for the student to become aware especially about complex interactions thinking in nature: temperature increasing in oceans means impacts in all the food chain starting with krill affecting all the rest of species, increasing the melting speed of ice caps and complete ecosystem collapse, etc... So this holistic training could be important to "train" their landscape vision in the long term. We need to give them long-term scenarios and co-creation tools.


I completely agree with you Jose Antonio Gordillo Martorell . It does indeed offer more ground for a systemic thinking approach, and can be more easily measured even by younger ages.

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