Art, Design & Sustainability

Mirjam HILLENIUS • 4 July 2024
Ardes Project

The Erasmus+ ARDES project developed and validated a short learning program (SLP) for higher education about Art, Design & Sustainability. 

What’s different about this course?

  • It’s a free course created by artists, designers and environmentalists.
  • It’s a modular and flexible course that is easily adaptable to different levels of students (it was tested with Bachelor, Masters’ and PhD students).
  • It’s easily adaptable to other educational levels, such as secondary schools. 
  • It uses the GreenComp framework for assessment of competences.
  • It combines theoretical knowledge about climate change, the power of art and design as a communication tool, and the use of digital tools.
  • You can choose what activities to use, depending on your students.
  • It can be taught online or face-to-face.
  • Artists, teachers and students really liked it!

The open-access course was peer-reviewed by experts in the fields of design and environmentalism, and it was successfully validated in a project pilot with more than 130 students and 10 teachers. 

It is available in English, Spanish, Greek, Portuguese and Catalan, and a sample of student work can be seen in the ARDES online exhibition on the project website 

This 2-year project is a partnership of MyDocumenta (Coordinator, Spain), European University Cyprus, Universidade Aberta (Portugal) and EINA (Spain).

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