Sustainability conversations: the GreenComp game

Valeria NAPOLI
Valeria NAPOLI • 4 July 2024

We are happy to publish the material to play the Sustainability conversations: the GreenComp game!

This is a community material that you can use within your educational settings to prepare your classes as well as with learners to define priorities. In the attached materials, you will find the instructions and the necessary materials to play this conversational game. 

Once you have completed your conversational journey, please do not forget to post about it in the dedicated group on the platform. Here, you will be able to discover other players' conclusions and collaborate with them in case you find common priorities.


This game is a Bild product (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0). This means that you can share and adapt material under the following terms: attribution ( appropriate credit and changes made), non-commercial (no use for monetization),  ShareAlike (distribute remixed, transformed, build upon material under same license as  original) 

Note: This is the final community prototype of the game. A formal publication that can be ordered across the EU will follow as soon as possible.


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Thank you so much kindly for all contributions in helping us to get the most important things done for our next generation dear Valeria NAPOLI 🙏🏻💐 it was a great pleasure and also honor for me to play the GreenComp game with Education for Climate Coalition members in the test room meeting🙏🏻
‘A must be played game by all the educators in every class’


It is a great game that can be used to explain the 17 sustainable development goals. It is a game that also improves the social emotional development of students in terms of expressing themselves, discussing and conveying their ideas about the problem.
I guess it's a game where there are no winners.
There is no competition, No stress, and then new generations that win and save the world are raised. :)
l am ooking forward to watching a short video of the game being played..😊


Thank you, Valeria! It's a great game , educational and suitable for the need of sustainability . It will be one of our first actions at the new school year!

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