Coding for Climate

Koen Timmers
Koen Timmers • 4 March 2024
Coding for Climate

Let's tackle climate change through education! You and your students will be able to find a solution for climate change through your preferred ICT-tools: Minecraft, Scratch, Micro:bit, AI, App prototyping, web, etc. The sky is the limit! You can even join without computers as we provide activities which allow you to code without technology (unplugged coding). 

Free initiative to all teachers. Find more information here:

So far 1200 teachers across more than 45 countries joined. Feel free to register (free). 


  • Launch: March 11 2024
  • End: April 22 2024

Why joining? 

  • Engaging activities for your students: using ICT for good. 
  • Teachers will become part of a global community of like-minded educators
  • You are in charge and will decide how much time you can spend on the project
  • Problem-solving, critical thinking, collaboration on global scale
  • All participants will receive an individualised diploma
  • We provide lesson plans, guidelines and help
  • In partnership with Earth Day

Launched by TAG, an NGO accredited by the United Nations. 


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Valeria NAPOLI
Valeria NAPOLI

this may be of interest for Deniz HANAR Michael Stamatis Vasileios Lianas Stefania Zourka Mauro Bai Logan Bayen Isla Brotherus Elisabetta Gibaldi Eren Öğütcü Kyriaki Maria Papadopoulou Sonia Artesani Maëlysse Billard Damjan Kozarov Cristina García Livia De Mattia Srna Todorova Emili Stefanova

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