How we built the community together

Susanne SZKOLA
Susanne SZKOLA • 23 November 2021

Work on building the Education for Climate coalition started in December 2020.

The goal was to create a coalition, a working and evolving community, to learn together.

So this is what happened then.

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December 2020

The idea of the Education for Climate initiative is born

We aspire to support the creation of a European participatory education community for climate led by teachers and students together with other educational actors.

January 2021

Finding the first community seeds

We launch an EU Survey and do a snowball mapping to identify participants and interests.

February 2021

Starting the community planting

The survey (576 contributions) and community ecosystem analysis informs our next steps and starts the community co-design phase.

E4C design landscape March-June 21


March and April 2021

The first sprouts of the community

Focus Groups - to explore community stories and experiences we held discussions with 

  • students
  • teachers
  • education stakeholders

May 2021

Fertilising our community seedling

Prototype Workshops - for concrete actions to nourish the Education for Climate prototype we align on

  • shared long-term goals
  • community interactivity and content
  • participatory challenges

22 June 2021

The first community flower has grown

The community is calling! First Education for Climate Gathering

The co-design conference brings together

  • all involved in the community’s co-design
  • all their invited peers
  • all having an interest in it

Based on the co-design process, we want to

  • present community goals
  • highlight community stories
  • explore community challenges

July - October 2021

community co-design workshops

education for Climate workshops and gatherings


What is the EU doing about Climate Education in 2021?

pre-COP26 side event

COP26 event


25 November 2021

The first community plant in full bloom

We invite the education community to join

the first Education for Climate Day

On this day, we launch the social community platform and the first participatory challenges that have been co-created in the months before.

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