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How to interact?

At all times, please make sure to: 

  • be responsible: You are responsible for any content you post and for making sure your posts are accurate and appropriate. 

  • be transparent and accountable: make it easy for your peers to understand your reasoning and material by citing your sources and information appropriately. Post helpful links and guide/provide your peers with open and reproducible data and argumentation. Give feedback in a constructive manner. Abstain from posting material that could be considered advertisement or implicit lobbying.   

  • be respectful: Be polite and respectful online - just as you would face to face. When interacting, remember that others may not always share your point of view. Do not engage in behaviour that deters other members from engaging. Allow other members to contribute and do not dominate discussions. Repeatedly commenting on your own conversations, commenting in every thread or being seen as always the last person to comment can be considered offensive by others. Remember: your online debating style may seem appropriate to you but may appear 'excitable' or intimidating to others. Hate-speech, racist, sexist or other indictable content is not acceptable and will lead to exclusion from the community and the elimination of posts. You can report such behaviour to us. [link to FAQ + add screenshot] 

  • stay relevant: Keep the content of discussions on topic. When contributing to a discussion topic or content thread, make sure that your contribution is to the point, constructive and useful to other members taking part in it. It helps to read through any thread or other content to check relevance before posting. 

  • express yourself clearly: Main community and platform language is English. All general discussions, participatory challenges and main events are held in English. You can connect with your country and/or language peers in the National Coalition groups where you are able to engage in the respective country language(s). Remember that many users are not native speakers so keep your language simple and clear. 

  • say thank you: Acknowledge anybody whose input you have valued. Ask for help when you need it and say thank you when you get it. Don’t waste time trying to find out how to do something, reach out to your network and ask and thank anyone who replies. 


These terms may be changed. Any such change would be effective immediately.