Youth Climate LAB 2 | Fifth meeting's summary

valeria napoli
valeria napoli • 1 July 2024
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On 27th June 2024, we participated in the fifth session of the Youth Climate LAB on AI and climate change in learning communities. 

During this episode, we worked on the practical recommendations and the pilot learning scenario. 

Practical recommendations

We finalised our six recommendations around AI and climate change in learning communities. They focus on students and teachers and each one is explained though an example.

Once we concluded this, we started thinking about one practical activity in the form of game that can address all the practical recommendations at once. this game should be personalised from the start with the creation of profiles, where learners specify their needs and preferred language s well as interests and educational level. To better personalised learning, this tool will propose a short assessment of exisiting knowledge on the climate topic to be discovered; and use interests to engage the learner.


Learning scenario

We continued working on the pilot learning scenario around AI and climate change in learning communities. We have decided to develop a hybrid learning scenario where learners will use tablets and PCs.

We believe that each class will take one hour to be prepared by the teacher; and it will last two hours where students will learn by playing.

Competences will be assessed with quizzes and self-reflections. 



We have commonly agreed to organise one more meeting during summer and before the 12th of September to prepare a more consistent proposal, and brainstorm on who is going to present it during the community café and the Education for Climate Day. This will also be the opportunity to decide who we would like to suggest to invite to the event. 

Disclaimer! The summer meeting before September 12th must be organised among us (date/time); but the room will be facilitated by Susanne and Valeria. 


This was the last meeting before our summer break. If you would like to discover in detail our conclusions. Register and join the community café in September

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