Recording | Policy and Practice Forum co-design dialogue: Learning actions for sustainable tree planting

Frederic WILLIQUET • 6 May 2022

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Susanne SZKOLA
Susanne SZKOLA

Thank you again to all panelists for the engaging conversation!
Link to our participatory challenge:

We received the following questions/comments on slido - dear community, let's create separate discussions on them, if you feel engaging in them more deeply.

- Planting trees with children in class, great idea!

- Planting trees is a wonderful opportunity to raise awareness - but suggest to also do it on a community/municipality level and interact with all age groups

- The experience we made is that it is often quite difficult for schools to make "changes" on the school premises. The barrier must be lowed regarding permissions

- I put here the link to a publication that present cases of places of learning:ÔÇŽ

- also once we made A maze of small bushes as the shape of water drop includes quizzes till the end of the maze


- Magdalena, the management must be associated. There are limits, but many can be overpassed with a collective approach to my view.

Tremeur, of course the management must be included, but there are still restrictions by law - at least in Austria. I do not say it is impossible, but for the school it is a lot of work to organise something like this (!!!) - often, time for that is not available

@Magdalena the connection with/involvement of local authorities is indeed an excellent idea. And this is true, unfortunately. Such thing must be programmed at the beginning of the year as a school project, if possible of course.


Fatih Sevimli
Fatih Sevimli

├ľncelikle, e─čitim ├Â─čretimin temel ta┼č─▒ olan okullar─▒m─▒z─▒n bah├želerine a─ča├ž dikilerek bu i┼če ba┼člamal─▒y─▒z diye d├╝┼č├╝n├╝yorum. ├ç├╝nk├╝ ├Â─črencilerimiz g├Ârd├╝klerini ├Ârnek al─▒rlar ve uygularlar. Hayat─▒ ├Â─črenmeye ba┼člad─▒klar─▒ okul bah├želerinde a─ča├žlar─▒ g├Ârmeli, sevmeli, ya┼čayarak ├Â─črenmeli ki ├Ârnek als─▒n ve bunu hayatlar─▒nda tatbik edebilsin.


As a Hackathon project; This year, I want to plant seeds in more than one city and in my own city and turn these seeds into seedlings. Bringing these plants together with the soil will be a great Hacakathon race.


Hello ! There is a work that I want to share with you and that I want to continue to implement. We did this work as a project at Etwining. The name of our project is From Seed to Fide. We worked with students aged 4-11 and their families.
Our project started in March 2022. It ended at the end of April. Our main and general aim was to give our students the habit of planting and caring for trees at a young age. Making this work a part of their life. In our project, we carried out three-stage studies in line with the targets. The first step is to remove the seeds from every fruit they eat, every flower and cone they find. Each plant seed should have a separate piggy bank. The aim here is to understand that plants have seeds and to learn how to benefit from seeds. The second stage is sowing the seeds into the ground in pots. Here it is important to ensure that plants emerge from each seed they wish to plant. The third step was to plant small saplings in the ground and get them to take responsibility. Our aim here is to make our students realize the difficulties of growing plants. Our other goal is to protect the world's vegetation.
Our project has planted saplings in seven provinces and districts in Turkey. During the evaluation phase of our project, some of our parents said that they were not aware of the existence of seeds and they planted trees for the first time. We want to continue our work by growing.
Our wish is to present this project in all geographies, including Anatolia. Thus, to ensure that all humanity makes service to nature a way of life. To leave a livable world to our youth and children, who are our future.


We love everything we work for. We must make our students work for Nature. Only in this way, protecting nature can become a way of life.

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