Fostering water-saving habits | Activities feedback and action outlook

Susanne SZKOLA
Susanne SZKOLA • 23 June 2022

On 22/06/2022 our challenge group around How to make saving water a lifelong habit? met for the first time to give feedback on the selected community-sourced activities for this.

In an open feedback discussion, we exchanged around

  • first impressions and how the target audience reacted to the activities
  • what worked
  • what didn't work
  • what our key take-aways from this are.

A summary of this will follow here. 

miro harvest


Most importantly, we co-set our next development priorities for the coming school year:

  • insisting on the activity process rather than the outcome | adapting learning objectives together with a focus on students' input throughout
  • bringing the local communities in more and more (from school, over parents, to city) | building community-capacity and motivation via various forms of visibility
  • local adaptability/ trans-national implementation | translate/engage in local languages for more testing and bring together diverse feedbacks in specific activity-based working groups
  • bring in various expertise for the activities (from nutritionists to math and geography experts, for example)  

We will be now preparing steps to make this happen. Follow this challenge to get future updates and watch out for specific participation calls for each of the chosen activitities!

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Susanne SZKOLA
Susanne SZKOLA

We'll be in touch shortly - enjoy summer and thank you so much again for your inspiring input, Iva Naranđa Justyna Plota Stavroula Skiada Roberta Bellini GEORGIOS PATSOULAKIS Maria-Riitta Paaso Tremeur DENIGOT Frederic WILLIQUET .

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