Recording: Challenge launch - making saving water a lifelong habit

Susanne SZKOLA
Susanne SZKOLA • 24 March 2022

On the occassion of the World Water Day, we had the pleasure to launch the How to make saving water a lifelong habit? participatory community challenge. 

This launch event covered how we would like to share, select, co-create, test and implement and co-validate community-sourced concrete examples, illustrations and ideas of what the community is doing or have been doing regarding saving water activities, classes, actions, etc. to foster good habits. 

Watch the recording to get to know how you can participate in any or every of the phases.

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Susanne SZKOLA
Susanne SZKOLA

Very excited to explore, shape and test concrete activities with the community!
Again, a big thank you to our community members co-facilitating this challenge: Iva Naranđa , Justyna Plota , Stavroula Skiada , and Roberta Bellini !

Maria-Riitta Paaso
Maria-Riitta Paaso

I couldn't partisipate meeting. My computer dont allow me to get any new programs because Municipality guides it. Coulthard you next time use Teams on Zoom and inivite us?

Susanne SZKOLA
Susanne SZKOLA

Hi Maria-Riitta Paaso , I'm sorry that you couldn't participate - hope the recording helps at least a bit.

If you don't or can't have the webex app, you can always join the meeting via your browser - no need for anything installed:…
When you click on the connection link, chose 'join from your browser' as shown in the above help.

Let me know if this works for you.

Susanne SZKOLA
Susanne SZKOLA

Dear GEORGIOS PATSOULAKIS , sorry for my late reply.

You can receive notifications about events in many ways:
1. on the community homepage, on the middle left, there's a section called 'upcoming events' - all events are listed there. Once you enrol to an event, you will receive notifications.
2. For a specific challenge you have already joined, you will get any topical updates - and you can check under 'events' in that challenge to never miss any upcoming one again:…
3. We also push challenge updates with reminders about events via mail to all platform users, this one was sent a bit more than a week before the event.
4. Make sure to check our monthly newsletter where we highlight upcoming events:

Hope this helps :)

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