Learn biodiversity through Environmental Action For the community-LEAF

Dijana ล arac
Dijana ล arac • 31 March 2023

ERASMUS project "LEAF". The goal of the project is the development of an innovative methodology for engaging students in the community in order to monitor the biodiversity of plants, in accordance with the principles of service learning. Service learning means creating a connection between learning goals, students and the real needs of the community and means transferring learning to real life, learning outside the classroom, which serves the needs of the community. In the ERASMUS project "LEAF"participate schools and non-governmental organizations from Serbia, Croatia, Romania, France, Greece and Italy. The united forces of all six countries, through project tasks, will work on achieving the goals of this project for the next two years. One of the results of the project will be a handbook on plant biodiversity, which will serve as an important methodological tool for teachers who want to deal with this current topic This project will raise awareness of the importance of preservation of healthy environment. It is important to engage students to adopt healthy habits, that they become environmentally conscious and that their responsible behavior influences the protection and preservation of the environment.

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