UNESCO & UNFCCC video webinars

Jim Volp
Jim Volp • 4 December 2022

Dear all,

UNESCO & UNFCCC have organised a series of online webinars which I wanted to share with you. Most of them are available in English & French. Some in Spanish.


Unfortunately, I didn't have time to watch them, so I wanted to share the load and start this discussion thread with the objective to compile people's summary, thoughts & feedback, so we can all learn:

Btw if you have attended 4/8 of the webinars, you may obtain a certificate by completing the following form: https://forms.office.com/r/U93B0CccfQ

Below are some interesting links which were shared during one of the webinars:
• Global Education Monitoring (GEM) Report http://en.unesco.org/gem-report/
• "Getting every school climate-ready: how countries are integrating climate change issues in education" Brochure https://unesdoc.unesco.org/ark:/48223/pf0000379591.
• Country profiles on climate change communication and education: bit.ly/ccce-profiles and https://mecce.ca/climate-change-country-profiles/


And lastly, I thought these 2 COP videos are perhaps interesting to discuss:

COP27 | Harnessing Education for Effective Climate Action



Together for Tomorrow: Education and Climate Action | COP26 Presidency Event: 



Looking forward to a lively discussion.


kind regards,


Jim Volp, (not for profit) project www.Space4Climate.org 


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