JRC Science Summit | Let’s bridge science with education for environmental sustainability!

Susanne SZKOLA
Susanne SZKOLA • 16 June 2022

This Tuesday, 14/06/2022, we took the opportunity to bring the Joint Research Centre's own in-house expertise closer to the Education for Climate Coalition!

Research has argued that collective action facilitated by international organisations, like the EU, is more likely to mainstream environmental policy and increase their action contribution when they work closely with local actors, when at the same time connecting and brokering knowledge, practice and expertise between the engaged community (of practice) and internal competences.   

To this internal session, we invited everybody working/ interested in environmental sustainability and/or education perspectives to join our session to 

  • appreciate and take stock of the vast in-house competence around sustainability | education
  • connect and benefit from these science, knowledge & expertise landscapes within the community ecosystem
  • act together to co-shape and co-validate participatory Education for Climate challenges

This is part of our common opportunity to bring forward the Education for Climate community's ambitions in the spirit of a truly participatory peer community to act together. 

And what a meeting it was, have a look for yourselves!



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