Policy and Practice Forum co-design dialogue: Learning actions for sustainable tree planting

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When is tree planting required?

There is a global call for planting additional trees, for biodiversity, for climate action and many other benefits. But when is planting trees actually required? Is there such thing as inappropriate afforestation/reforestation?

To answer this one needs to ask him or herself a few other questions, such as: What do planted trees replace? What would happen if trees weren’t planted?

In this co-design dialogue, we will ask ourselves these questions and explore how schools can contribute to the debate and apply these principles in their actions.

We will start shaping the participatory community challenge(s) around DG Environment's 3 Billion Trees initiative and call for concrete community engagement in brainstorming and co-innovating fitting activities, materials and resources to outline concrete community implementations and learning opportunities around the tree planting initiative.  

  • Planting trees at school / restoring native vegetation
  • Assessing/counting native tree regeneration in the schools vicinity
  • Classroom debates to engage students and reinforce their awareness about the complexity of tree planting
  • Contact local councils to arrange a demonstration on how to plant correctly, in respect of ecological principles
  • What else …?


With contributions by

Raphael Lelouvier

Maria Nunez Rodriguez 

Georgios Patsoulakis


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Thanks Jim, exciting initiative! As I see, it seems currently not all too active in Europe, but ready to reach out to have relevant trees reported to the 3 Billion!

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