After the boat race: where will our map be navigating?

Susanne SZKOLA

Let's co-create the community's own educational map around climate change & environmental sustainability in the European Atlas of the Seas to be re-used in classrooms and educational activities - with a game.

We welcome all interested community members to this interactive Q&A session around the community challenge "Be a scientist! Mapping climate change at seas & coast".


We will explain the challenge and provide you with everything you need to run it.

Let's catch up and get ready to be scientists all over Europe!



  1. UPDATE | Intro: What has happened so far?
  2. RESULTS | Info: Which map has the community chosen?
  3. ACTION | Explanation: How to collect and report the data needed for this map together?
  4. OUTLOOK | Brainstorming: Which school activities to run around exploring, collecting and reporting these data?

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