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What is in it for you?

Welcome to the Education for Climate community!





Connect in the peer area! 

You explained how important it was for you to know other education for climate initiatives and their working areas to connect with them. 

  • search and find people, initiatives, and competencies around education for climate 

  • get inspired by their innovative education initiatives and start a challenge 

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Unlock the community’s potential in the challenge incubator! 

You told us that you seek inclusive ways to get and exchange on other perspectives, insights, and experiences for your education for climate challenges and solutions.  

  • ask for and get help around your green education challenge or contribute to the other’s quests 

  • discuss questions and solutions on the ground to help identify the challenges you want to address together 

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Develop your quest further in the challenge experimentarium! 

You articulated a strong desire to connect, brainstorm and co-create new creative activities, materials, frameworks and much more related to your common education for climate challenges. 

  • ideate around converging challenges to advance a common quest 

  • find collaborators to make your green education idea more impactful 

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Upcycle your co-validated challenge solutions in the knowledge library! 

You underlined that you seek innovative materials for education for climate or want to multiply and co-implement what you have come up with. 

  • explore and complement existing and co-designed education solutions 

  • implement, promote, continuously test & review them 

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