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How does it work?

The Challenge Flow 

Participatory community challenges are there for you to inspire and support creative and innovative education initiatives and actions around environmental sustainability to make a real difference – in three steps: 



  1. Let’s start in the CHALLENGE INCUBATOR – UNLOCK the community’s potential 

  • Show your work & present your initiative to ask for feedback, support, and collective improvement 
  • ask for and get help around your green education challenge or contribute to the other’s quests 

  • discuss questions and solutions on the ground to help identify the challenges you want to address together 


  1. Let’s make it concrete in the CHALLENGE EXPERIMENTARIUM – DEVELOP your ideas 

  • ideate around converging challenges to advance a common quest in a facilitated manner 

  • find collaborators to make your green education idea more impactful 


  1. Let’s share and multiply in the KNOWLEDGE LIBRARY – RE-USE and UPCYCLE your participatory challenge outcome! 

  • explore existing and co-designed education solutions 

  • test, implement and promote them 


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