Tip of the day #1: your profile and green competences

Susanne SZKOLA
Susanne SZKOLA • 27 April 2022

Did you know that:

And did you already discover and connect with the already more than:


Yes? Great!

No? Edit your profile now and start exploring the others'!


What we don't know:

  • is which competence in the GreenComp's 4 competence areas is it that you concretely support, work on, facilitate, address, ...?
  • what kind of community challenge would you like to see around the framework? 

>>> We would like to offer a community sustainability café on this!

>>> Please let us know which one by liking the fitting comment(s) underneath, each highlighting one competence seperately & add your challenge suggestion


As a reminder:

area 1


area 2


area 3


area 4

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