Advisory Group Agenda and Minutes #3

Susanne SZKOLA
Susanne SZKOLA • 10 May 2022

This is the initial agenda for the Advisory Group working session #3.



1. Welcome – Secretariat

2. Agenda co-setting – all group members and Secretariat 

Short report: Where does Education for Climate stand? - Secretariat follow-up action points and community members

  • Community member evolution

strong increase in community membership, also reflected in growth active users (comments, event enrollments, likes)

member evolution

  • Education for Climate Policy and Practice Forum

Successful event - currently collecting feedback and designing follow-up actions for below challenges, also leading up to the second edition of the Education for Climate Day currently slotted for October 5th. 

  • Upcoming and running challenges

Currently 3 challenges running at different stages of their ideation/co-creation:

  • Adapted Q&A timings

Based on your feedback, we have adapted all 'ask us anything sessions' in terms of scope and timing: check it out. Always including community illustrations - SHOWCASES - to engage in inspiring practical&applied practice/experience exhanges. 

  • Summer plans ahead

> Platform user experience improvements​​ and design adaptations, based on collective workshop input

> getting ready for the second Education for Climate Day currently slotted for October 5th

> running inspiring challenge co-work sessions (see above) and community outreach workshops where applicable and desireable for community to brainstorm collective action to implement in challenges​​​​​

3. AOB

> inspiring, bridging and mobilizing community authenticity, commitment and creativity

> GreenComp as self-assessment tool (whole school environments as "self" to be included in exercise for students, teachers, etc for different perspectives), cf. SELFIE

4. Conclusion and way forward – all group members 

Dudle for next meeting:

Please respond (positively like negatively) to both the dudle AND the following webex invite to be able to gauge availability and participation commitment to make those meetings impactful. Thank you. 

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Susanne SZKOLA
Susanne SZKOLA

Short meeting minutes have been added to the above.
Thank you for yesterday's highly interesting conversation which the meeting minutes can't properly account for, Iselin Berg Mulvik & Ana Ferreira ! And thank you, Maximilian Eisenbart for letting us know!

MARGARITA DAKORONIA , Helena Wyligała Selvaggia Santin Ada Lungu ANESTIS PA Bruce Murray Jens Koslowsky Vitor Oliveira Karl DONERT - please see above: let's try it another time with the dudle and concrete webex invite replies, thank you!


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