Policy and Practice Forum co-design dialogue: Transforming places of learning

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This co-design dialogue session builds on the New European Bauhaus call for transforming places of learning. In view of co-creating opportunities, we will dive into the already received applications addressing questions of education/sustainability to shape possible community challenges together. 

Let’s make challenge waves for beautiful, sustainable, and inclusive spaces that shape our future ways of learning and thinking. 


With contributions by

Vera Winthagen

Leonardo Lorusso

Claudio Calvaresi

Conor Galvin


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Comments (4)


Thank you for sharing Jose Antonio Gordillo Martorell ! We are looking forward to meeting you tomorrow!
Of interest to Vera WINTHAGEN , Claudio CALVARESI , Conor GALVIN and @Leonardo Lorusso

Ștefania Cucuteanu

I would like a school like a botanical garden: a class in the rainforest, a class in the savannah, a class in the coniferous forest, and so on.

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