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Education for Climate Coalition

The community called – and what a gathering it was!

Time flies – on Tuesday, we had the pleasure to convene for the first time all community members and education stakeholders that have been involved in the Education for Climate Coalition’s co-design.

But that’s not all: we were joined by more than 800 participants that also actively contributed on slido.  

What was on our menu?

•    A high-level community panel opened the conference. It discussed what education systems needed to contribute to the green transition and what dream education for climate initiatives in the future could look like.

•    The presentation of the first community design prototype synthesised the first community milestones: what the Education for Climate coalition aspires to achieve and how it would like to make these dreams a reality through inspiring participatory challenges.    

•    The first community core group gathering closed the event with an outlook on what the community needs to work on to refine its operational model in a series of workshops being organised from July to November 2021.

How did the event go?

To quote Commissioner Gabriel:

'To make a difference’ – this is what the #EducationForClimate Coalition is all about. To make a difference in your school, in your neighbourhood, in the very region you live and to contribute actively to the green transition our societies go through.

If you ask our participants: 

The vibe is always right!

I strongly believe that our positive and collaborative vibe, the soul of our coalition - the one we have shared during the past months, was evident today.

Congratulations to all and for putting up this really motivating E4C Coalition launch!

I think this was a really great first community gathering and hopefully there are many more to come! I really believe this community is able to achieve great things.

It was a great launch! Many thanks to all for your thoughts, I learned a lot, as usual.

Missed it?

Re-watch it Re-follow our discussion Re-live our design journey

And most importantly

Help us make a difference