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About Education for Climate

Why Education for Climate?

"More education and motivation" for "real action on climate change" is a priority for President von der Leyen. The President put education about what is good for our planet in her political guidelines. It is an essential part of the European Green Deal.

Education for Climate highlights the key role of schools, training institutions and universities. In those education institutions, pupils, students, teachers, parents and the wider education community can connect. There they can tackle the changes needed for a successful green transition.

Learning environments are the place where alternatives to routine behaviours that damage our planet are taught and experienced.

Educational institutions can serve as catalysts of profound change in people’s behaviour and skills.

Education has a key role to play in developing the knowledge, skills, behaviours and values that enable young Europeans standing up for their future. Only then can we answer to the challenge and opportunity to becoming the world’s first climate-neutral continent.

The Education for Climate coalition aims to promote the education communities’ contribution to this green transition. The coalition's goal is to facilitate concrete cooperation and actions taken on the ground. 

This goes hand in hand with other elements of the European Education Area’s green and digital transitions dimensions, such as the upcoming Council recommendation on education for environmental sustainability.


What is the coalition?

The Education for Climate coalition is a participatory and co-created initiative aiming to engage the education community at EU, national, regional and local levels.

As a flagship initiative of the European Education Area by 2025, the coalition is a key instrument for effectively capturing, encouraging, sharing and implementing initiatives and projects of the education community in support of green skills development and behavioural change.

The coalition is about mobilising the available expertise and commitment through existing and emerging networks and projects in sustainable education across the EU.

It supports the co-creation, testing and sharing of innovative, concrete and engaging education solutions with teachers, pupils and students, from early childhood care and education up the whole education system to (in)formal adult learning.

Concrete actions of the coalition will come from participatory community challenges. Those challenges will be collective commitments to nurture knowledge-sharing, validation and reuse at larger scale. They aim to unlock, develop and re-use co-created education for climate community initiatives.


What guides our coalition?

To make our Education for Climate vision a reality, we have identified five work priority areas 

  • raising awareness
  • developing green skills
  • training teachers
  • bridging education and science
  • changing behaviours


How the coalition acts on its goals

The Education for Climate conference on 22 June 2021 marks the end of the initial coalition design phase running from January to May 2021.

Based on the extensive mapping of education initiatives during January/ February 2021, we guided participants through a three-stage design process. This process involved more than 80 core group ambassadors.

During the design process, we emphasised community co-ownership. We facilitated creative engagement around innovative education approaches to co-design

  • our shared long-term goals
  • what brings value to the community
  • the participatory community challenges for concrete actions
  • a community roadmap for future engagement until the first Education for Climate Day in November 2021

With that, we want to

  • map existing green education initiatives worth scaling up
  • co-create a committed education community for climate to exchange approaches and experiences
  • support your community to act through participatory community challenges to crowdsource, ideate, showcase or implement your initiatives and actions
  • provide an online platform to enable community members to raise their challenge, co-create and convene their collective challenge journey and upcycle their own knowledge library
  • design quality standards and a monitoring tool to track progress against quantitative and qualitative targets

Become a part of the coalition


How does it fit in European policy?

The coalition is a key instrument to capture and share your green education initiatives and projects and is related to