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Be part of the community

A lot of community efforts have already gone into building the Education for Climate coalition.

To continue the community journey we need you. We need your knowledge and dedication to get to a climate-neutral society.

The idea is that the coalition will be your community. But how will that work?

In the past months we met students, teachers, education stakeholders and other involved people in focus groups and co-design workshops. There they told us that you need a space to bring together and exchange with your education for climate peers - a community hub.


Coming up - a community hub

You told us that such a community hub needs to be accessible, simple and interlinked.

We are currently busy making this a reality.

And we are looking forward to your input. Participate in our upcoming workshops to help us refine our community!


Set out with us on the Education for Climate community journey

We created an online form, so you can

  1. choose and register for up to three out of nine thematic community-driven workshops
  2. leave your contact details to express interest in being part of the emerging community

Go to online form

Check this page regularly to stay up-to-date with the most recent news and upcoming workshop events.


Why do we need you in the community?

With the coalition, we want to support the creation of an EU-wide Education for Climate community. But, it needs to be a community that makes sense first and foremost to you. 

The community is you!

We need you: students, teachers, trainers and stakeholders across all levels and institution types.

Your active participation and engagement is essential to the success of this emerging Education for Climate community.

We want to support your initiatives and projects by offering a space where you can co-create concrete actions through participatory community challenges. 

The coalition aims to create a community to unlock, develop and re-use innovative education

  • activities and experiences
  • materials
  • frameworks
  • approaches and practices

A community that empowers you to model new behaviours and strengthen skills needed to sustain a climate neutral planet.

Challanges: Connect, unlock, develop, re-use, peer area, challenge incubator, challenge experimentarium, knowledge library
(© EU, 2021)

Co-create concrete initiatives and actions

We offer you a space where you can co-create concrete community initiatives and actions through participatory community challenges.

These challenges are the community means to nurture the sharing, experimentation, validation and re-use of knowledge and experiences at a larger scale. 

We want to enable you to 

  • bring together your peers to search and find people, initiatives and competencies
  • raise your challenge to crowdsource questions and solutions on the ground
  • co-create and convene your collective challenge journey to ideate around converging challenges
  • upcycle your collective challenge solution to implement and promote co-validated solutions


Why should you be a part of the community?

The answer is simple: to connect to other people and institutions working on education for climate to inspire innovative education approaches.

Within the community, you will be able to use three main community challenge areas

  • idea incubator: a peer-to-peer forum to ask for and get help around your green education challenge
  • challenge experimentarium: an open space to find collaborators to make your green education idea more impactful
  • knowledge library: a safe place to explore existing and co-designed education solutions and to create partnering opportunities in green education

There, you will be able to

  • search and find other projects, initiatives and actors in the field of sustainable education
  • connect and reach out to them to propose, complement, support and multiply your ideas and materials for collective action
  • post, comment and contribute to your peer forum and co-created library of resources


How can you contribute to the community?

With the formal launch of the community prototype at the June 2021 conference, the community journey starts!

Between June and the first Education for Climate Day in November 2021 we need you to make our co-designed vision a reality.

With your help, we will launch the participatory community challenges on their dedicated space - on the social community hub!

We have set up a selection of community workshops to co-create every aspect of our community.

Participate to refine

  • community challenges
  • community management
  • community governance
  • community leadership and sponsorship

Register online for the workshops and events