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Susanne SZKOLA
Susanne SZKOLA • 10 June 2022

You want to join us on the 21st of June for a boat race across the European Atlas of the Seas?


  1. Get ready and prepare for a smooth experience with the materials in this post (recording, FAQ, presentation)
  2. Sign-up to the event on 21st of June to receive connection details 
  3. If you have any further questions, let us know in the comments below!




  • Why do we do this boat race?

This race is part of a bigger challenge aspiring to co-create the community's own educational map around climate change & environmental sustainability in the European Atlas of the Seas to be re-used in classrooms and educational activities - with a game.

With the boat race, we invite you to a classroom challenge to immerse youselves in the Atlas to navigate European seas and, along the way, learn how to read maps, increase your digital literacy and embrace geographic information analysis.


  • For whom is this boat race?

This boat race can be played easily by anybody up from higher elementary school as long as a teacher guides from the overall English instructions we provide.


  • Can I still join the boat race if i had not joined the preparation meeting on 10/06?

YES! Please watch the recording carefully and prepare in the same manner and then just sign up for the race on the 21st of June. Looking forward to seeing you there!

  • What do I need to prepare?

See the attached presentation:

-- a computer with a stable internet connection for your class to participate

-- with the map open well in advance to load quickly: 


Combined map layers for the game (3 layers):;p=w;bkgd=5;theme=120:1,241:0.75,477:0.9;c=138497.10085049272,6319084.625950517;z=4;e=t 

Combined map layers for the game (2 layers, sea names not included):;p=w;bkgd=5;theme=120:1,477:0.9;c=138497.10085049272,6319084.625950516;z=4;e=t 



  • What can I do if the maps are slow?

Ideally, connect via ethernet cable, not wifi. If it's still slow, try to deactivate the map layer 'sea names'


  • What can I do if I don't manage to open the right map/ layers?

If you click on the link and you seem to land on the wrong page, ignore and close the pop-up on top (see video recording).


  • Can students from different countries play together?

For now, we host this game per classroom. In the future, let's explore and play together on our own co-created map.  


  • Will there be further opportunities to play this game? 

Yes - on our own co-created map that we will select and provide data for together in the next step of this challenge. 
If you can't participate this time, please join us for the other phases of this challenge - equally exciting.


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Susanne SZKOLA
Susanne SZKOLA

Oscar McGlynn Flor IROD Merzide ÇAKIR MARIA TACHTSOGLOU Erdem Vardar brigida CLEMENTE Christos Chouseridis Jose Antonio Gordillo Martorell Monica Boccoli Osama A. Abu-Libda Georgia MOUSELIMI Erwin Ras Erwin Ras AKRIVI CHALIKIA Irene Mundet Hilal ŞENGÜ TAN Tayfun Peynirci DANIELA Tosheva Sadullah ARSLAN Justyna Plota Marzia Vacchelli Burcu Tunga Sophia KOUZOULI Ayşegül Usta Luna Dejeneffe ΙΩΑΝΝΑ ΚΟΤΣΙΩΛΗ Maria ANAGNOSTIDOU Dana Florescu Ana Ferreira Aysun Odabaşı merve biçer ANESTIS PA Tremeur DENIGOT Frederic WILLIQUET murat Kucukgirgin songül yaralı Hunor Lengyel François Jourde Adriana MARIS ADEVİYE ERTÜRK José Luis PEDRERO Sara Gómez Dana Florescu SERPİL COŞKUN Kamil KUŞKAPAN

Susanne SZKOLA
Susanne SZKOLA

and again of interest to everybody engaged around SDG14 - Hasan YILDIRIM Çelebi KALKAN Tim Collart Aysun Odabaşı songül yaralı PAOLO FAIOLA Selvaggia Santin David Crookall Brigitte LUNDIN nicole BRUTTOMESSO NADIA CIRCU Kamil KUŞKAPAN Githinji Kamotho Emmanuelle Mouls Alan Hesse Daithi O MURCHU Julien Dossier Evy COPEJANS Thijs Struijk

Susanne SZKOLA
Susanne SZKOLA

and also of interest to everybody engaged around SDG06 - murat Kucukgirgin Merzide ÇAKIR Esmanur TÖGEL ÇİL Monica EDWARDS-SCHACHTER Leonardo PICCINETTI ion DOGEANU Çelebi KALKAN Sevtaç DENİZ Isabel Tomás Aysun Odabaşı GIOVANNA LANDI MARGARITA DAKORONIA MÜJGAN YALÇIN ADEVİYE ERTÜRK PAOLO FAIOLA Brigitte LUNDIN nicole BRUTTOMESSO NADIA CIRCU Githinji Kamotho Claudia Lindner Emmanuelle Mouls Rakibe Külcür Peter Gringinger Daithi O MURCHU Alice Dalle Julien Dossier Iva Naranđa Roberta Bellini Thijs Struijk

Ayşegül Usta
Ayşegül Usta

Dear susanne,I could not attend the meeting.But I watched the recorded video.I will participate in the competition on June 21.Thank you for the information

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