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Community bulletin #2: A meaningful community

How to get our community running in a meaningful way 

This second community bulletin starts with a somber reflection on why our Education for Climate community is now needed more than ever. The last weeks have brought immense devastations over parts of Europe; devastations rooted in the climate emergency we are facing together. This environmental tragedy with dire consequences for nature and humans and animals alike yet again underlines how interdependent complex systems and challenges are and that we will only be able to address them through collective action. 

The Education for Climate Coalition can channel our inspiration and productive energy with regards to these challenges when it comes to embedding sustainability into education: through concrete participatory actions to nurture and change towards sustainable knowledge and behaviours.  


But how can we make that work in a meaningful way?     

The last two weeks of our co-creation journey focused on two very concrete aspects of the future social collaboration platform: its taxonomy and its working methods.

Have a read through the second part of this bulletin to know what came out of these participatory workshops. 

But there’s more to make our community meaningful: from designing and guiding community dynamics to ensure it is a trusted place, over finding co-decision mechanisms to foster an inclusive operational community governance, to shaping co-validation methods to guarantee that what we work on together is scientifically and ethically sound. 

Let’s join forces to tackle the challenges we face:  

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Takeaways of the previous workshops: structuring the community & designing participatory challenges 

What did we want to learn about?  

  • How do we organise community knowledge? 

  • What information would you like to see and be able to filter on when looking at a peer's profile, at discussion topics, at co-working challenges, or at our knowledge library? 


  • How do we work through community challenges? I.e. how do we choose them from all your conversations, suggestions and contributions? 

  • What could be first concrete community challenges? 

What did we find out? 

A lot more than we can summarise here in a few points! Just to list a few of the many precious insights we gathered from you:  

  • Be accessible and inclusive: any system to structure our community knowledge and how to present ourselves needs to be as lean as possible to be easy to navigate and filter information. Only include what is really needed in terms of filters and let the conversation flow based on further curiosity. Stimulate an environment where open discussions are cherished to exchange on common contributions and challenges. 

  • Be concrete and bridge the local with ‘the scale’:  foster a cooperative environment where collaboration grows to connect initiatives proactively. For this, take into consideration how different contexts can influence (competitive) challenge approaches and how to incentivise qualitative community outcomes.  

  • Find the right balance between a community-driven selection mechanism that must be simple, transparent, efficient and quantitative, without undermining the importance of a qualitative evaluation of community challenges. 


Join our workshops to be part of these inspiring exchanges and connect with others active in the field. 

What are the next steps?  

  • We will now integrate these conversations into our knowledge management and community management strategies.  

  • We have collected a lot of insights that need further discussion – come back to the workshops on community dynamics and exploring community leadership and sponsorship to keep up with how we advance those thoughts. Of course, we will also get back to you with these in this bulletin summary.  

  • So, in the next steps to come, we want to dive deeper into how to facilitate community engagement and how to interact together. We also would like to have a dedicated discussion on how to take decision together.  

  • You want to contribute to answers to these questions? There are still workshop places left, so please register! 

  • Bring your fellows on board - spread the word of our workshop and make it our collective challenge journey to build and refine the community (platform).