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Community bulletin #4: What would be your participatory education for climate challenge?

Participatory challenges?

Tell me more! community communication material

Ours is to support the co-creation of the #EducationforClimate Coalition as pan-European community that makes sense first and foremost for you, the education community.  

As an inclusive, diverse, curious and creative community we want to enable you: 

  • to explore your peers’ initiatives and competencies 

  • to engage with your peers around your contributions to offer and get support for your education for climate challenges 

  • to ideate and innovate concrete actions for your participatory challenges 

  • to implement, reach out and share your collective solutions to build capacity. 

Own or join a participatory challenge with like-minded peers to design and drive the changes needed for education for environmental sustainability.

From activities in and around the classroom, to materials and resources for educators, to curriculum policies: make a difference and join the conversation on the collaborative online platform we are about to launch – at the 

First Education for Climate Day


Save the date - 25 November 2021 - First Education for Climate Day


So after a summer break we are now full steam ahead to make the first Education for Climate Day a day that will see the #EducationforClimate community come together to connect and exchange on, unlock and develop their participatory challenges for concrete actions via the launch of our collaborative platform. Stay tuned and check back regularly what exciting sessions we have in mind. 

Working towards 25th November also means that we want to test the collaborative platform with you beforehand. After a short community workshop break that we will use to polish the platform, we will resume at the end of October to get your feedback on it. 

It’s your platform to interact on, so it needs to correspond to your needs to make concrete education for climate actions happen together. You as the #EducationForClimate core community will have early access to the platform, so be part of sessions getting you onboard: 

I want to test the platform!


More community action on the horizon 

This autumn, the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) is taking place in Glasgow (31.10. - 12.11.2021).

Beforehand, the ‘Youth4Climate’ pre-COP event is happening in Milan (28-30.09.2021). 

Both have the same global aspiration: uniting the world to tackle climate change and accelerate concrete actions towards environmental sustainability (the Paris Agreement and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change). 

We want to channel our community efforts and concrete ideas for participatory challenges into this process.  




Calling for input! The #EducationForClimate Coalition will be hosting a session on the occasion of the #all4climate #YOUTH4CLIMATE pre-COP: 

save the date

participate and engage in the call for participatory challenge ideas we will be launching during the event!  


Calling for cross-fertilisation! Our colleagues from the European Climate Pact currently host a challenge incubator contest:

The Youth Climate Pact Challenge

Pitch your project idea in four topic areas - amongst it #EducationForClimate! 

The best projects will not only be presented to Executive Vice-President Frans Timmermans, but they will get a dedicated participatory challenge spot on our collaborative platform to co-develop the initial idea further concretely inside our community in the Challenge Experimentarium. 


Takeaways of the previous workshop: shaping community dynamics 

What did we want to learn about?  

We wanted to learn about what ‘a safe and trusted place’ means for you.  

  • In an (online) community platform, when do you feel at ease engaging? 

For example, when connecting with peers to ask a question or get/offer support, when participating in a participatory challenge, when using the resources available? 

  • In an (online) community platform, what is a good experience for you? 

  • In an (online) community platform, what is a bad experience for you to avoid? 

  • For you, what are the good and bad experiences that influence you most in (dis)engaging from and (online) community platform? 

What did we find out? 

There are two dimensions of trust that we need to foster in our (online) community: 

  • Assumed trust: it is important that peers can identify each other easily through relevant information – we will take this on board for our ‘rich platform profiles’ so that ‘who is who?’  is answered sufficiently, considering GDPR and other privacy and transparency concerns. 

  • Earned trust: peer interactions also need to happen ‘face to face’, moderated and facilitated, so that in repeated, concrete, small group conversations trust can be built between community members. We will also take into account the ideas about positive praise & recognition features on the platform! 

  • And both trust dimensions need to be supported by strong, pro-active community management (co-steered by community members) based on a simple, clear and inclusive community etiquette.   

Join our workshops to be part of these inspiring exchanges and connect with others active in the field. 

Next steps

  • Based on our joint conversations, we are currently refining our platform taxonomy and etiquette and our communication material in all EU languages that you can use to bring your peers on board, for example. 

  • We have an ambitious workshop spring in front of us in September: so if you want to contribute to the community workings: there are still workshop places left, please register!  For example,  

  • Community content co-validation: what processes, mechanisms and structures are needed for a peer relevant and scientifically sound community content validation system? 

  • The online community: how do we want to facilitate online engagement? What role for ambassadors and national Coalitions?