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Participatory challenges? Tell me more!


Climate change won't wait and education is key to address it. So participate in the Education for Climate Challenges now to ideate, experiment, and upcycle concrete education for climate actions together! 


Through participatory quests that bring together your peers to raise your challenge and to co-create your collective challenge solution. On a collaborative online platform for the education for climate community.

For whom?

Climate concerns all of us, so let's start gathering: students, teachers, trainers and stakeholders across all levels and institution types in the education fields and community - from early childhood care to adult learning, from museums to industry; from local, over the regional to national and European levels.

Watch it

Education For Climate — Participatory Challenges (EN - English)

Education For Climate — Participatory Challenges (FR - Francais)

Education For Climate —Participatory Challenges (DE - Deutsch)


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