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Education for Climate Coalition

First Education for Climate Day

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What is it about?

The Education for Climate coalition seeks to co-create a participatory education community to support the changes needed for a climate-neutral society.

We want to inspire, develop and draw on innovative European education capabilities.

As a community, we decide collectively, act collaboratively, and adapt sustainably.

Our goals are to

  • create a community led by teachers and students with their schools and networks and other educational actors
  • learn from as many relevant experiences as possible
  • bridge fragmentation between education sectors, domains and people

We need you to co-create this community that

  • involves the education community and existing initiatives in the EU
  • supports the exchange of experiences and expertise in education across the EU
  • offers a collaborative online space to unlock, develop and re-use innovative, concrete and engaging education for climate actions

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Who are our early members?

The community is growing! Have a look at the map to see from where we gathered input during our co-design process.

How to get your marker on the map


Who is it for?

The Education for Climate Coalition is meant to gather the whole education community in the EU.

  • Teachers, educators, pupils, students, trainers and parents across all levels and institution types
  • People active in the whole education system: from early childhood care to adult learning 

It also invites education stakeholders and other education bodies at local, regional, national and European levels.


How will we support the changes needed?

Through qualitative community engagement and exchanges we want to  

  • mobilise all relevant education actors
  • invite participation and imagination
  • connect actors working towards a more integrated school system approach
  • build capacity by co-creating learning experiences
  • develop students’ and teachers’ future-oriented skills and competences

Through inclusive community structures, processes and practices we want to  

  • take a holistic and inclusive long-term learning approach
  • bridge education with science and business and link them with existing or emerging regional or national climate change strategies
  • start with grounded experiences and engaged core groups to facilitate qualitative outcomes


Why to engage?

Let’s be an inclusive community and engage.

Let’s be a curious community and explore.

Let’s be a creative community and innovate.

Let’s be a diverse community and reach out and share.

We want to support the creation of a pan-European community that makes sense first and foremost for you, the education community. That includes students, teachers, trainers and stakeholders across all levels and institution types. 

Together, we want to inspire, develop and draw on innovative European education initiatives and actions. The goal is to support the changes needed for a climate-neutral society.

The community is you!

Become part of the community


What to look forward to?

The Education for Climate community lives through your engagement and commitment.

We are offering support to you, the education community, to build on and share sustainable education ideas and concrete actions across the EU.

To do so, we

  • follow a scientific and transparent approach in co-designing the coalition
  • build a collaborative online space for an emerging Education for Climate community to unlock, develop and re-use concrete education initiatives on European, national, regional and local levels
  • enable you to crowdsource, ideate, showcase, promote and implement your co-created initiative
  • provide community support on EU level through a social community platform

See how we built the community