Community Bulletin JUNE 2024

Tremeur DENIGOT • 26 June 2024

In the spotlight 

The 2024 EducationForClimate Call for innovative green education projects is now open!

Do you run or host an innovative green education project?  

Then tell us and share your actions with the community, give it European visibility and win nice awards!    

You only have to fill in an online survey and blog about it on the platform before 8th September!

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Featured challenge 

Greening Curriculum Guidance and Green School Quality Standard

EducationForClimate community members are invited to join the challenge launched by UNESCO with the recently released Green school quality standard and Greening curriculum guidance as its contribution to the Greening Education Partnership

The main goal is to accelerate action towards global target of transforming at least 50% of schools, colleges and universities turned into Green Schools by 2030 and having 90 per cent of all countries including climate change in their curricula by the same date.

We must act now and together!

More information

Upcoming events

Community Café- 24 July

Come to our Community Café to learn about green education projects, network and ask us anything! 

Agenda: Welcome + Getting to know each other 10', Community News 5', A Challenge Hub initiative 20', Open Community Topic/ Question Time around challenge 25'.


GreenComp community 

GreenComp café - Learning scenarios #2 – 17 July

This community café will resume the conversation started at the beginning of this year and continued in May around learning scenarios. 

While in the previous café the main criteria have been defined, this café will dive into showcasing the mock-up of the end-product. 

Enroll to the Café

GreenComp annual gathering | Summary - Recording available

On March 27h 2024, the GreenComp community hosted the first annual gathering of the community: to celebrate the community achievements but also to listen to the initial findings of the use case report commissioned by the European Commission, and discussed on assessment tools for the first time live.

Check out the report and (re)watch the session

Education for Climate TALKS of the month

Two important AFD studies on climate change education - ft. Benjamin Quesada and Cesar Mantilla

The “Agence Française de Developpement” (AFD has recently released two studies on climate change education: “Climate change education effects on worldwide schoolchildren and their entourage”and “Climate change education from the perspective of social norms”.

Find out more about the studies from the researchers who carried them out.

Watch the TALK

What is France doing on green education? - ft. Coralie NOEL and Bertrand PAJOT

Over the past few years, the French Ministry of Education has been committed to building educational capacity in Education for Sustainable Development (ESD), via curriculum revision, support to dedicated teaching projects and other dedicated actions and instruments.

Find out more about the French situation on the ESD front from two senior civil servants who were directly involved in the strategy developed.

Watch the TALK

Community posts of the month  

Climate Action Project 2024

The Climate Action Project unites 4.7 million teachers and students globally. They are on 1 mission: learning and reversing the climate emergency.

Launching on September 30 2024, the Climate Action Project will take both teacher and students on a 6 week journey in which they learn about the causes, effects and potential solutions. 

More information

Top universities pursuing sustainable development goals in 2024

Times Higher Education presents the University Impact Rankings for 2024, identifying and celebrating universities that excel across multiple United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Check out the full list and learn more about the impactful work these universities are doing.

More information

Youth Climate LAB 2 | On the concerns and potential of AI tools while imagining future scenarios

The third session of the Youth Climate LAB (YCL) on AI and climate change in learning communities took place on 18 April.

Rewatch the interventions of the two experts on the concerns and potential of using AI tools while imagining future scenarios. The capacity to envision and predict future trends and developments is essential to best prepare for future challenges and adapt our world to them.

Rewatch the presentation

Access the YCL dashboard


Community Café June | On Greening Curriculum Guidance and Green School Quality Standard

The June Community Café of EducationForClimate was the occasion to present the brand new Greening Curriculum Guidance and Green School Quality Standard led by UNESCO as its contribution to the Greening Education Partnership.

Rewatch the presentation

Find here an overview of ongoing calls for participation in the community. it is updated regularly.

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