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The Education for Climate Peer Reviewers



  • act as either subject, practice, or experience matter experts to ensure the quality of participatory challenge outcomes in the framework of an extended peer community 

  • is to be consulted by the challenge facilitators when being at the stage of co-validating the participatory challenge outcome to select and reach out to potential co-validators fitting the participatory challenge scope from various perspectives 

  • is co-confirmed by the Education for Climate Secretariat for each participatory challenge to guarantee that review choices are neutral – i.e. no reviewers from within the participatory challenge – and apt 

  • provides constructive, timely and concise open feedback to their best avail for the participatory challenge outcome under review 


How can you be part of this? 

  • Openness and willingness to be part of the pool of reviewers, i.e. subject, practice, and experience matter experts, can be voiced in the profile by any registered community member 

  • This can be voiced and withdrawn at any point in time by the user in their profile 

  • This pool of reviewers does not have a time limit, but depends heavily on the users’ profile quality, i.e. its timely, regularly updated completeness of information and expertise mentioned in there 


check the co-validation stage of participatory challenges