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The Education for Climate Challenge Facilitators



  • are community members¬†who have¬†committed to facilitate a/ their participatory¬†challenge with¬†at least 2 others¬†

  • moderate‚ÄĮand‚ÄĮfollow-up the¬†participatory¬†challenge process‚ÄĮand its‚ÄĮdedicated review process:

provides general participatory challenge outline  

drives participatory challenge process dynamics by good example 

convenes, updates, takes pulse of participatory challenge group regularly   

takes care of managing the groups’ insights 

facilitates ‚Äď and celebrates¬†‚Ästparticipatory challenge group successes¬†


How can you be part of this? 


  • you decide to join another participatory challenge as co-facilitator -¬†surely, its¬†introducer will be very happy that you co-commit to help the¬†challenge group progress!¬†


check the participatory challenge flow