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In the Experimentarium: 1. Group convening

The Secretariat has just set up your participatory challenge – for the moment, it is a relatively empty space. So let’s get it started and filled! 


First, let’s get together the challenge core group  

  • all people that have eagerly interacted with your entry in the challenge incubator now turned challenge 

  • all that you and the others know of who could be interested in joining forces to be part of this participatory challenge – seek diversity (of expertise, practice, experience) as much as possible! 

  • you and your challenge co-facilitators 

  • someone from the Education for Climate Secretariat 

to define and refine what you want to achieve with your participatory challenge and how you would like to achieve it  

  • set up and convene an initial challenge event & invite challenge core group to get to know each other - the Education for Climate Secretariat will help you with this!  

  • find agreement on: 

challenge ambition: what do you want to achieve together?  

challenge process: how would you like to work together? How would you like to frame your upcoming ideation phase? 

phase timings: how much time would you like to take initially for each of the necessary challenge phases? 

  • shape your challenge according to the meeting outcome and edit it accordingly 

  • post a challenge update for the community with a summary of what was discussed and agreed upon 

  • be open to an iterative process – all those elements can and will change over time, but let’s start from somewhere concrete to guide engagement!