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In the Experimentarium: 4. Co-working

Super, you now have one or two validate ideas for a concrete education for climate action related to your participatory challenge that you want to work on together. Let’s get the challenge group going!  


  • In phase one, the group convening, you already outlined how you would like to work together, e.g. through which facilitation process does this still hold up? 

Check if your initial facilitation and working methods still fit your participatory challenge and agree on adapting where necessary 

Based on this, set some expectations and roles of who is willing and committing to do what now and how you would like to proceed  

  • Post your co-creation files as ‘co-working file’ topic in your challenge group topics to make it easier for others to find them in your challenge space 

Let’s stay in one open place to have one go-to place for your challenge: don’t link to external collaboration files! 

  • As facilitator, continue by good example: coordinate your challenge ambition and proactively suggest how to move forward in designing your education material to motivate challenge group to come in to do the same!  

  • As facilitator, take the pulse of your challenge group to know when the challenge group is finished and happy with their tangible challenge outcome.    

Once this is the case, upload the final challenge outcome in your challenge as ‘challenge outcome’ 

As facilitator, make sure that you tag the content properly with as much information as possible.  

  • As facilitator, compile your challenge group’s view on who would be a good reviewer in general for this content: 

What subject matters are covered? 

What practice fields are covered? 

What experience fields are covered? 

With whom would you like to test and apply this content & continuously gather feedback from? 

Check the pool of reviewers for this! 

The file will now move to the last stage: co-validation

  • Congratulations! Post a challenge update for the community with lessons learnt about your co-working experience